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  1.  Employees or representatives of the company are restricted from using alcohol or drugs while carrying out company business.  Any detection of impairment will not be tolerated and employment will be terminated regardless of circumstances.

2.  Company vehicles are not to exceed the posted speed limit and are to be driven in a courteous and careful manner.

3.  All specified requirements of Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations shall be met when transporting radioactive material to and from the work site. These requirements are detailed in job procedure section of this manual. Employees are liable for the fines that are levied against them due to negligence and disregard for regulations.

4.  All accidents shall be reported to your supervisor immediately. Detailed course of action is documented in the emergency procedure section of this manual covering accidents involving radioactive material.  Any accident involving personal injury or property damage, while at the work site, must be reported to the customer immediately to facilitate proper procedures being followed.

5.  All employees are required to abide by regulations set out by Occupational Health and Safety and/or the customer while on the work site.  No exceptions will be tolerated.

a.      Employee will ensure work area is kept clean and maintain good house-keeping practices.  All refuse must return with you.

b.      Fire Prevention regulations must be observed.  Ensure fire extinguisher is readily available and in good working order.

c.      Employees are required to smoke in designated areas only while on the job site.

d.      Vehicles are to be properly maintained and any deficiency is to be reported immediately to supervisor.  Exaust systems are to be checked regularly and replaced when necessary.

e.      Protective devices and personal protective equipment shall be worn as per regulatory requirements and company requirements.  R.A. Tracer will provide the applicable equipment.  Hard hats, coveralls and safety footwear are mandatory on all job sites and non-compliance will not be tolerated.

6.  Any accident involving radioactive material must be reported to local authorities and the A.E.C.B. Upon return to base a report must be submitted to your supervisor.  This report will include all details of the incident including times, nature of the accident, location and names of individuals involved.  This report will also include suggestions of how this accident could have been prevented.

7.  All vehicles transporting radioactive materials must be equipped with proper radiation survey instruments without exception.  These instruments must be in good working order and capable of measuring dose rates and contamination levels.

8.  All employees are required to wear TLD plaques while working with radioactive material to facilitate the monitoring of radiation doses.

9.  All employees will ensure that radioactive material is not left unattended when not in locked storage.  Vehicles and storage boxes must remain locked when not in use.

10. All employees are required to handle radioactive material in a manner, which will ensure minimal exposure to personnel.  Employees should apply the principles of time, distance and shielding.  The following practices are necessary:

a.      Carry out work with radioactive material as quickly as possible without jeopardizing safety.

b.      Keep as much distance between radioactive material and personnel as possible.

c.      Keep radioactive material in lead storage container as long as possible.

11. Employees are required to monitor lease and equipment for the presence of radioactive contamination upon completion of the injection.  All abnormal readings must be reported to either the frac engineer and/or customer. Flushing with liquids will usually eliminate high readings.

12. Any spills of radioactive material is to be cleaned up immediately by removing the top 2.5 cm of soil thirty (30) cm in all directions from the spill.  The soil that is removed must be placed in double garbage bags and returned to the shop for decay process to take effect.  Once soil is removed the area must be monitored for contamination to ensure it has been completely decontaminated.

13.All employees must monitor equipment, clothing and vehicles for contamination following jobs.  All contamination must be removed or the contaminated items must be stored to ensure that this contamination is controlled.