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Scandium 46


Scandium 46 emits extremely high energetic gamma/beta radiation.  The principal photon energies for gamma emissions are at 1.12 MeV (100%) and 0.889 MeV (100%) while beta emissions are at 1.48 MeV maximum. Scandium - 46  has a half life of 83 days.  One curie of  Scandium - 46 will give a dose rate of 1090 mR per hour at a meter.


Scandium - 46 labeled compounds have both internal and external exposure hazards to humans.  Internally, Scandium - 46 can cause localized damage if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed by the skin.  Externally, both gamma and beta radiation will cause damage to exposed areas.

Certain precautions can be taken to ensure that radiation exposure is kept to a minimum:

        Minimize the time spent in close proximity to the radioactive materials.

        Always use remote handling tools such as tongs whenever handling radioactive material.  


        Use radioactive materials in well-ventilated areas.  


        If necessary, shield the radioactive materials such that radiation dose rates are less that 0.25 mR/h in accessible areas.  


        Always wear disposable gloves and/or clothing whenever handling radioactive materials and keep your hands away from your mouth or other exposed skin.  


        Always monitor yourself and areas where radioactive materials are used for loose contamination and remove if detected.


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission must be contacted within twenty-four (24) hours of a loss of radioactive sources or of an accident/incident that could result in a personnel exposure in excess of the limits detailed in Schedule II of the Atomic Energy Control Act.