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Radioactively charged media (methanol water based gel mixed with radioactive charged glass or aluminum, beads, radioactive liquids, other propping agents) are injected into the well, using Gel Injector, providing a source for gamma survey, and evaluation of treatment results.

The Radioactive Gel Injector is generally used in well stimulation applications such as:


Radioactive Fracture Detection and Evaluation process to determine:

Fracture location with respect to depth

Type of fracture produced

Number of fractures produced

Effectiveness of fracturing methods

Effectiveness of fracturing aids, ball sealers, initiators, plugging agents, etc.

Communication between zones or perforations

Frac Height Communication

Acid Penetration Evaluation

Radioactive Water Injection Study


Made of the highest quality stainless steel which is corrosion and acid resistant.

For high pressure applications (15000 psi cold working pressure) the cylinder volume contains up to 100cc of media and for lower pressures (6000 psi cold working pressure) the cylinder volume can be increased to 200cc.

A specially designed Check Valve prevents well pressure from penetrating cylinder and uncontrolled discharge of radioactive media.

A "Tee" connection and standard union (1502 or 602 depending on pressure rating) designed for nominal working pressure are supplied.



A unique ball screw driven discharge mechanism assures highly accurate and efficient media injection.

Original safety check valve prevents accidental contamination of ball screw assembly and environment.

Safety latch prevents ball screw from "back driving" in case of accidental line pressure leak into main cylinder.

Transparent scale provides visual confirmation of discharged media volume.


0.5 HP, 12V DC motor coupled with planetary gear system provides 50 ft/lb of maximum torque at 22 rpm (approx.) and total weight is less than 30 lbs
antivibration spring loaded nut with safety latch assembly prevents any possible loosening of motor drive from the main body during operation.
Built-in over-torque mechanical, self resetable, safety device protects the ball screw
High quality electro-mechanical components ensure proper performance in temperature range 40 to +70 degrees Celsius.
Motor Drive is made of anodized aluminum alloy and all metal parts are either plated or made of stainless steel which effectively resist high corrosion
Manual pressure equalizing valve enables pressure or vacuum relief from tightly sealed assembly
Motor Drive can easily be disconnected from injector and stored in carrying case


The injector is controlled and monitored by the RCU

The RCU controls the following operation parameters:

Injection speed adjustment from 0.1 to 100.0 units per minute in automatic mode and greater than 200 units per minute in manual mode.

Two digital backlit displays provide real time information on injection speed and volume discharged (in automatic mode only)

Overload and completion of injection alarm indicator light (LED)

Automatic and manual mode of operation

Reverse mode

Solid state power turn on and totalizer - reset function

Main power switch is conveniently located on side of RCU

Inject alarm reset switch

RCU enclosure is made of anodized aluminum and face plate is splash protected with clear silicon sheet

RCU utilizes single printed circuit board made of high grade industrial components

RCU is fully tested to be operational in temperature range of 20 to +50 degrees Celsius (optional internal heaters can increase the minimum range to 40 degrees Celsius)

RCU is light (approx. 2 lbs), easy to operate, service and maintain.